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Our Projects

Since its inceptions, we have participated in organizing, planning, designing, supply and installation of several projects of different sizes, to different customers within Tanzania.


Solar Power Installation

Design, supply and installation of Solar Power of 3 district dispensary for lights

  • Assurance of lights in offices and wards at night.
  • Simplify services as there in lights especial at night
  • Security for the compound because of light
  • Communication available all the time from solar mobile charger


Electric Fence Installation

Supply and installation Security Electric fencing for its plots in different areas of Dar es Salaam

  • More security of the compound
  • Safety on properties
  • Peace when at home or away
  • Maintaining high-quality diplomacy between our country and the Embassy’s country due to full security support


Electrical Construction

1. Supply and installation of Electrical wiring of two building with total of 6 floors.

2. supply and installation of CCTV cameras.

3. Supply and installation of fire alarm system.

The work was well done with no faults and complains from the installation.


CCTV Camera Installation

Design and installation of cameras, and where installed in all important angles that can be seen.

  • Easily way to control each students and every move
  • Security to the compound
  • Monitoring of students behavior as it is easy to see them
  • Trouble free, the management and teachers can work smoothly as no need to follow students.