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Ø  Technical Service

With an increasing demand in electricity, solar power  and electrical support in different purposes both in urban and rural areas, the company is well organized to offer high and quality service from our high experienced technician. Our company has so far participated in designing and supplying for installations of various products for projects of different capacities.

We deal with technical service to both customers who; purchased the product/service from us and those who already installed the service/device in their premises.

Technical service can be done indoor through our technical desk for equipment repair or in case of any support and outdoor where installation has taken place and for troubleshooting.

Ø  Designing Projects

Of all projects that have been designed and architected by us and care always mandates our job. With our proactive approach and attentive listening to details needs from our customers, designing of any project however small or large in nature is achieved with high precision.

Specifically, the company’s technical team will advise you on loads you intend to run, voltages and operational hours on daily basis. The survey analysis obtained from site on technical aspect will then be compared to what the solar systems or any electrical offered in relation to your needs. Project equipment and accessories will be supplied by our company in a very affordable price.

Ø  The installation package

Safety of equipment and customer: equipment for earmarked projects is tested to check satisfaction, durability, accessibility, adoptability as well as acceptability by customers.

To make effective installations, we have enough working tools, different measuring equipment and safety gears from small to large installations that fit any kind of operation. Whether such installations are required to be pursued in remote and rural areas or any other places, Solar Planet and electrical technicians will follow you there. Accordingly, our team can install your solar energy system even in areas where access could not be easy, and such work is always pursued correctly with high precision. We do analysis and measurements of all equipment before are sent to the site for installation.


Ø  After sale Service.

We are very aware that after sale services or back up services are important to our customer. Our company, it serves to maintain properly designed project; properly installed equipment; properly operated systems; and maintained in a well designed maintenance program. For this endeavor, our after service is supported by repair services stocked with appropriate spares to attend any technical fault.

The company offers six months free maintenance for the installation done and warrant will depend from one product to another which bought from us.

For maintenance contract the customer will pay as negotiated, which will be monthly for some of system and other services will quarterly, semi and annually. We advised our customers to maintain their systems for longer use. 

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After installation of CCTV Cameras and Elecrical Installation at My School i found was an imazing job. The customer services and support provided was 5 star rating to my opinion.

Silvista M. Machilu